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Stressed Out? Or, Pumped Up? It’s all in how you think about what you’re feeling. 


The human stress response is built into our DNA. Back when sabertooth tigers routinely showed up at the cave door, there were pretty much three choices: fight, freeze, or flee. Times have changed. But we haven’t. “Threats” nowadays are different: distractions; insecurities; major life changes; personal conflicts; balancing life’s 24/7 demands—to name just a few. 

Immediately life-threatening? No, but our hardwired survival systems often can’t tell the difference. So, in response, they send a biochemical flood of adrenaline and cortisol coursing through our bodies. In time, this can lead to a host of issues: anxiety, an inability to mentally focus, high blood pressure, addictive behavior, impaired immune function, fatigue, depression—the list goes on.


Now that actually is scary! So, how do we tame the daily stressors that come with modern life and absolutely thrive while doing so? 


The Upside of Stress 

Some very interesting studies have recently shown that our mindset towards stress can make a big difference in how it actually affects us. If we view stress as broadly life enhancing instead of harmful, it’s possible to turn its negative effects into positive ones including: increased mental sharpness, improved memory, faster physical recovery, enhanced immunity, increased mental toughness, deeper relationships and a greater appreciation of life. 


Sound like a Jedi mind trick? Perhaps it is. Constantly worrying about—and trying to avoid—stress introduces a low level drip, drip, drip that turns this powerful biochemical response back on us. Instead, if we use this built-in response to up our game when it’s needed—in the moment—the benefits can be immediate. 

Ready to get started cultivating stress as an ally instead of an enemy. Here are three key steps to take from Stanford researcher Alia Crum, PhD: 


ACKNOWLEDGE…you’re experiencing stress (what a relief!)


WELCOME…stress as a life enhancer 

USE…the stress response to up your performance and expand your life 


Traditional methods of trying to avoid or “manage” stress generally fail over time and can even increase levels of harmful stress. A simple shift in mindset, though, can help us use the stress response to overcome life’s challenges and grow our ability to thrive. How cool is that?

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