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As if in a dream.

When a car so unique, so singular first appears as a concept, the challenge becomes making sure the reality mirrors the vision. This car not only survived the gauntlet, it continues to define the essence of art in motion. It is a statement car. A car that only Audi could conceive. A visionary reverie only Audi could build.

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Have rocket. Will travel.

Introducing the V8-powered S4. Not simply 0-60 mph in 5.3 seconds, but legendary quattro all-wheel drive. Not just 40 free-breathing valves, but a breath of fresh air in the category. Not just a step up the performance sport sedan ladder, but a quantum catapult into the lead.


Health Igniting Performance

Some organizations hum. You can feel it walking the hallways. See it in the faces of healthy, fully engaged and inspired employees.


How does this happen? It begins with a spark. A partner that can help ignite the population of any organization to do extraordinary things, consistently, and with ever increasing momentum, over time. We help empower entire populations to change; to lead healthier, more active lifestyles—and in doing so, dramatically move towards manifesting their full potential.


Our deep experience has shown that it is only through personal understanding and insight that lasting change can take place. And it is through that change, that health can be continuously revitalized and renewed. For an individual, or a company of individuals.


To that end, we partner with people and organizations to improve their most important asset—human health and energy—into measurable, meaningful personal and business performance and success. And we do it through the most comprehensive and integrated set of solutions available anywhere. One spark, one person at a time.


37% More Kisses

Results may vary*

When you quit smoking there are all those obvious health benefits you've already heard of, plus countless other perks for you to enjoy. For example, everything tastes and smells better once you quit, including you. So, you'll enjoy that luscious chocolate cake--and perhaps a bunch of extra kisses all the more. Sound good? We think so too. That's why we're offering resources tools and a personalized plan to help you quit--this time for good.

*Based on personality, sense of style, marital status, authenticity, and other factors beyond our control.

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Architecture As Art

717 Olympic is an iconic structure that rises in dramatic fashion near downtown LA. Designed by the prestigious firm RTKL, the shimmering façade boasts striking visual variants. Extruded glass extensions, unique plays of colored light at intervals along the building’s ascent, perfections of fit and finish inside and out—all conspire to make this a distinctive property day or night.


Some environments lend themselves to superlatives. At 717 Olympic, the oohs and ahhs just keep coming. Around every corner, down every hall, there is something noteworthy for its beauty, sophistication, and utility in supporting a lifestyle where “random” doesn’t quite fit in. Everything at 717 Olympic is done with a single intention: to create an atmosphere within which appreciation for the best things in life can become a matter of fact. Gorgeous, theme-centric artwork everywhere. Elegant, designer-inspired finishes, shapes, and details wherever the eye falls. This is living elevated to an art.


717 Olympic is visible from miles away. And the building returns the favor, affording residents stunning views of the entire LA basin. Welcome to luxury apartment living in South Park. Twenty-eight floors up and a world apart, scan the Hollywood Hills from the open-air spinning studio or drop into the rooftop plunge spa as the sun follows suit over the Pacific. A few floors down, your apartment’s expansive windows and a spacious open floor plan maintain the relaxed vibe.

Smarter Technology On a Mission

Our approach to meaningful technology, employing a powerful integration of mobile, big data, biometrics, and predictive modeling, helps end users gain accurate and actionable personal insights into their own behavior. This empowers each of them to become, in essence, highly effective and engaged "researchers of self.”


With this end in mind, we employ advanced technology across a number of integrated components including:


  • Mobile Everywhere - Mobile is now an integral part of life enabling ease of engagement and real time, longitudinal data capture

  • Intelligent Tailoring System - Our technology delivers the right, tailored information at the right time to maximize relevancy and impact

  • A Sophisticated API - Designed for easy integration with other digital health sources that can make personal models and outcomes even more potent

  • A Highly Configurable HRA - Our streamlined, quarterly HRA can be customized to accommodate your organizational requirements

  • Biometrics - Configured biometric data is integrated into our data flow to validate self-reporting, support daily engagement, and assess specific behavioral influences 


Your Big Window On Big Data

At its core, this is a tool that collects and analyzes data, derives unique and powerful insights from that analysis, and then uses those insights to help drive measurable, sustained healthy change. No other application or tool collects and analyzes the unique data set we do. It is an entirely new way of determining the most useful behavioral avenues for dramatically improved wellbeing in individuals and large populations.