Creative agility blends reason, rigor, and rationale with unbridled freedom of thought to bring into being differentiated, innovative solutions grounded in the reality of markets, audiences, competitors, and prospects. 
Creative agility is a foundational roadmap informing all aspects of brand storytelling, marketing activities, and customer/user engagement. It's a litmus for what to say, and how, when and where to say it.
Creative agility is also the workbench where unyielding tactical challenges
are dissected and solved. 
Here's a quick example: 
A luxury automaker wants to launch a completely redesigned sport convertible into the U.S. market in mid-winter. The business need driving this decision? To counter, as soon as possible, a competitor's successful launch the previous fall.
The Challenge: Generate off-season interest and word-of-mouth excitement to stimulate pre-orders.
The Solution: Build an arresting, slightly tongue-in-cheek social campaign touting the beautiful possibilities of owning a convertible in winter.
Scene: Night. A luxury sedan cruises down a dirt-packed country road surrounded by dormant farm fields. The car comes to a stop and then turns to drive across the snow-covered rows. Brake lights. The convertible top lifts up and folds itself down into the trunk; twin parka hoods go up. Beethoven's Missa Solemnis blasts from the top-end stereo as the Northern Lights dance across the horizon.

Business directives are the necessities that, when combined with thoughtful invention and no small amount of pressure, drive innovation, differentiation, and success.