Startup A-Go-Go
 Why I love startups.
All hands on deck. If the Tampa Bay Bucs were the crew on the Pequod and Captain Ahab avoided turtlenecks and checked her or his worst impulses at the door...there you have an interesting model for a startup.
Focused, obsessed, exuberant, a little mercenary; committed to teamwork but also individually skilled across diverse disciplines; willing to jump in where and as needed to get the work done; more interested in SLC (simple, lovable, complete) than MVP (minimally viable product); fueled by caffeine and a shared sense of humor -- startups are where the future unfolds. 
I love startups because the depth and range of my background powers me to deliver extreme value across a wide swath of startup needs and requirements. And adding significant, lasting value to any enterprise is part of what lends meaning to my life. 

 If you need some serious...

  • Brand creation, messaging, and storytelling
  • Copywriting
  • Campaign and content marketing 
  • User engagement and evangelism
  • Rich media creation
  • Product and feature concepting and development
  • Experience design